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The Goddess Adventure

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The Goddess Adventure's mission is to provide women a spiritual self-care experience where we can connect, to ourselves, each other, and to our inner Goddess. Providing black women the opportunity to learn, teach, share, and embrace the ways the Universe conspires for them daily is of paramount importance. Together we will find our personal power through sisterhood, process and experience at one of four fully all-inclusive self care retreats based in elemental magick. Air, Fire, Water, and Earth elements feature a host of events, group rituals and workshops that will provide our Goddesses with everything you need to manifest your greatest, hopes, dreams and desires!   

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How the Goddess Adventure Came to be...

This was something I just knew that had to be done and I told the universe I was ready, even when I wasn’t.


Sherri Holmes

Founder | Creative Director
The Goddess Adventure


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