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Your Goddess Adventure Awaits!

Are you exploring a spiritual awakening and in need of guidance or finding yourself overwhelmed and/or unfulfilled with your current spiritual practice? Engaging your spirit and your spiritual guides is necessary in order to connect to your personal power. It is essential to develop your skills and learn the necessary tools that serve us on this adventure that is life. A four-day inclusive luxury retreat focused specifically on providing you with those tools is the perfect opportunity for you to take control of the energy that you surround yourself with and a use your personal power to manifest your immediate and long-term goals.

Cloudy Mountaintop
Gas Fireplace
Garden Waterfall
Image by Sean Stratton

Choose from element themed trips that focus on healing energy, love, light and manifestation. Consider this the most important vacation you could ever take as we provide you with a luxury experience while feeding your mind, body & spirit. From a beautiful remote 11 bedroom luxury cabin, each elemental adventure package includes fully catered meals -- provided by an on-site chef plus a fully stocked fridge, single or double occupancy rooms,  guided meditation & yoga flow, a special event centered on the element of the retreat & more!

Sitting Meditation
Image by Thought Catalog

This is a place to build a sisterhood of women who champion other women and more importantly champion themselves.

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