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The Goddess Adventure

This is for every Goddess.

For the
Newly Affirmed Goddess. The Quirky Goddess. The Shy Goddess. The Sassy Goddess. The Meticulous Goddess. The Tired Goddess. The Bookworm Goddess. The Overworked Goddess. The Under-Appreciated Goddess.  The Ambitious Goddess. These adventures are for the Goddess in us all!


Welcome to the Goddess Adventure!

Divine spirituality resides in all women. The ability to create. The ability to connect to the universe in a way that only women can. To live intentionally and manifest what you want. To build relationships and connect with other women. For many, these abilities often lay dormant and untapped, which leaves many feeling lost and unfulfilled.

The Goddess Adventure was created to provide black women a spiritual self-care experience where women can connect spiritually, to themselves and each other, and to their Goddess within. Providing women the opportunity to learn, teach, share, and embrace the ways The Universe conspires for them daily. 

Earth Grows

Fire Glows

Air Blows

Water Flows

Spirit Knows

 Which adventure will you choose?

The Goddess Adventure invites you on a unique spiritual journey where we encourage you to dig deep, connect,
heal and find balance while experiencing an all-inclusive, elemental adventure fit for a Goddess.

What adventure speaks to you?

Earth, Fire, Air or Water?


Why should you attend a Goddess Adventure
spirit filled retreat?

We'll take care of everything so you can focus on what matters... YOU

1. In-depth courses created to give you a real quantifiable foundational education in manifestation and light work with practical application to real world experience. Create meaningful connections with like-minded women on your similar journey.

2. Fun, engaging, and enriching activities to strengthen our connection with and learn how to best take advantage of elemental energies in our everyday life.
3. Three lovingly prepared meals per day plus a fully stocked kitchen with snacks.

What you can expect at any Goddess Adventure!

  • Lodging accommodations

  • Chef on-site

  • Enriching workshops

  • Private time and space

  • Fully stocked kitchen

  • Special activities

  • Group meditation

  • yoga & more!

More Info
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Visualize your Journey

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Thanks for registering. Someone will be in touch with you asap with the next steps. Looking forward to embarking on this spiritual awakening with you!

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