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About the Goddess Squad

I have manifested everything that I have ever had in this life and that happens to include the women who helped me bring this all together. I couldn't do this alone and I'm very grateful for everyone who has dedicated their time, talents and efforts on helping me build this dream! 

Spa Stones

Enter the woman who has become my spiritual advisor, partner, and friend Eboni Joi! In our first few readings, she called things that were almost impossible to know. But I always wanted more. I wanted to know the how’s to do it for myself. I wanted to document my practice, have a witness that was also a guide. To add the tools to the things I intuitively knew how to do. Eboni was the direction, I was the practice.  She could explain to me what didn't work, what worked, why and most importantly how to make it work again. She helped me tune my instruments. In wanting other women to be able to ask questions in an open, judgement free space, there is absolutely no way I could do this without her.

Ms. Amber Joi, yes there is a relation there, came aboard after her sister and I really started planning to make this happen. We were so busy creating the retreat and dictating what we wanted and didn't want and dealing in maybes and good intentions there was organizational work that needed to be done. We had no online presence. No website. That is until we brought her into the fold. She has been able to add the 3D to the picture. Her ability to wrangle my thoughts and produce the exact thing I didn't know I needed.  

I have to give an honorable mention to my girl Darcel, Fellow Capricorn and the first person that told me I COULD DO THIS. Moreover I SHOULD DO IT. She helped model the foundational spirit of this retreat. Ashe. 

Sherri M. Holmes

  • Founder

  • Creative Director

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  • Co-Creative Director

  • Psychic Intuitive

  • Spiritual Life Coach

  • Instructor


Eboni Joi

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  • Adventure Coordinator​​

  • Small Business Owner

  • Web Designer

Goddess Squad

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